The internet is a big place.

Let us join you in your routine. Whether you take your church on your phone, computer, or TV; on your couch, in bed, or on the go; live on Sunday morning or on a Thursday night while you cook dinner, we’re here for you.

This page will stream the live service on Sunday mornings at 9am ET, and will replay the most recent service after the live broadcast has ended.

You can watch our live services and find past services grouped by sermon series on YouTube.

We know that YouTube including ads in past recordings can be kind of annoying, but it makes up for it by being really easy. You do not need an account or app to watch, and YouTube is available on almost every device (including TVs), so it’s the simplest way to have church on your couch. It also provides us with a nearly limitless amount of storage, so we can keep services online for as long as you like, without having to delete past services to make room for new ones.

You can watch our live services & online bible studies on Facebook. Past services & studies are also available, but will not be grouped by sermon series like they are on YouTube.

We know that Facebook isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as it has lower quality video/sound, and requires an you have a Facebook account and install the mobile app, but it brings a sense of community that is unmatched anywhere else. Facebook is the best way to watch our services and interact (via chat/comments) with others.

You can find past sermons grouped by sermon series on Anchor.

Anchor is a podcast distribution platform that allows us to bring our sermons to you in your favorite podcast app (Apple, Google, Spotify, and more). Due to some editing work required, sermons will be uploaded later in the week, but like our recordings on YouTube, will be grouped together by sermon series so you can easily find what you need.