Covenant Park Student Ministry

Meeting students where they're at with the love of Jesus

Upcoming Students’ Events

Sunday Night

6th – 12th Grade

Sundays from 6-8pm

Students meet each week from 6-8 for dinner, worship, a sermon and LifeGroup breakouts.

6th – 8th grade

Sundays from 6-8pm

Kris, Kina, Mac, and Courtney fearlessly (seriously, have you ever been in a room full of teenagers?) lead our Middle School group after Sunday Nights break out into LifeGroups.

Middle School is a unique time in our students’ lives, so this group is designed to meet them where they’re at. The boys and girls split off to have their own lessons geared towards their own situations.

And yes, since these are teenagers…there are snacks.

Middle School LifeGroup

9th – 12th grade

Sundays from 6-8pm

Pastor Blake & Natalie and Travis & Becka Smith lead our High School group after Sunday Nights breaks out into LifeGroups.

This allows for lessons and discussions that better align with what High School students are going through. They have snacks (because teenagers), have fun, and learn about the unique opportunities God affords them as they approach a time of transition in their lives.

High School LifeGroup

During the Week

Prayer Before School

Students can start their day off right at Prayer B4 School!  Join Pastor Blake at the MOCO Rec Department at 7:15 for breakfast and prayer time before walking over to school. Chick-fil-A biscuits will be provided.  Click the image for the schedule through May.

  • High School meets on Wednesdays at 7:15am
  • Middle School meets on Thursdays at 7:15am

Meet Our Leaders

Blake & Natalie Stinnett
Blake & Natalie StinnettHigh School Group Leaders
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Travis & Becka Smith
Travis & Becka SmithHigh School Group Leaders
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Mac & Courtney Brittain
Mac & Courtney BrittainMiddle School Group Leaders
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Kris & Kina Hodge
Kris & Kina HodgeMiddle School Group Leaders
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Stay Connected

The best way to received updates from Pastor Blake is to join the GroupMe app. Text Blake at 678-763-8676 with your name, student’s name and download the GroupMe app where you will receive an invitation to join the group. Make sure to turn on notifications. This is where most communication is done for all things Student Ministry related.